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Performance Update

At Slash Sports, we always evaluate the effectiveness of our operations and processes. As such, we’re proud to say that we’re extremely satisfied with the results of our services in the first half of 2017.

January – June 2017

From January 1 to June 30, we provided 390 horse selections and astoundingly, 270 of them were winners. Out of those winners, the average pari-mutuel payout was $7.40.

As happy as we were to correctly select the winners to all the three Triple Crown races, our true satisfaction comes from having produced multiple winning selections at racetracks such as, but not limited to:

  • Finger Lakes
  • Indiana Grand Racing & Casino
  • Penn National
  • Thistledown
  • Charles Town Races
  • Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort
  • Parx Racing

For our clients who have been with us since day one, your $100 wager per selection has netted you a $60,900 profit. We look forward to the next six months with continued success.

July 2017

This month saw 22 playable racing days. We provided 66 selections and we had one scratch. There were 43 winning selections and the average pari-mutuel payout was $9.37. This number was affected by a $96.20 winner we had at Gulfstream with Son of Greatness. Contact us if you have questions about races on Monday and Tuesday at Saratoga and Del Mar.

August 2017

We had 20 playable racing days this month. We provided 60 selections without any scratches. There were 41 winning selections with an average pari-mutuel payout of $7.46. Our star play was Voodoo Song at Saratoga who won three times as one of our selections.

September 2017

We had 22 playable racing days for the month. We provided 68 selections, which included two scratches. Out of those 66 plays, there were incredibly 48 winners, making it our best month this year and one of our best months ever. In addition to that 73% winning rate, the average pari-mutuel was $8.12. The Breeder’s Cup is a little more than a month away. These are the best of times.

October 2017

We had 21 playable racing days this month and a theme: BUILDING YOUR BREEDER’S CUP BANK-ROLL! As great as September was, we were able to follow that up with an equally great October. There were 63 selections with 2 scratches. With those 61 selections, our clients cashed in on 43 winners. Over 70% winning selections with an average pari-mutuel payout of $6.86. The Breeder’s Cup will kick off our November to remember.

November 2017

We had 22 playable racing days this month with two scratches. Our theme going into the month was “A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER!” The results spoke for themselves.

From the Breeder’s Cup weekend right to the end of the month, our clients were not disappointed. There were 64 actual selections that went to post, and incredibly 53 of them were winning selections—an unbelievable 83%. Our network shined and the result was our best month in the history of our company. As we finish 2017, we will strive to make December memorable and profitable.

December 2017

Even with the threat of terrible weather this month, we still had 23 playable racing days providing 69 selections. We ended the year in spectacular fashion as those selections resulted in 58 winners. That created an 84% winning ratio with a $7.24 pari-mutuel average.

2017 Results

As we look back on 2017, there were many winning highlights: The Pegasus, the Triple Crown, the Travers, and the outstanding Breeders Cup weekend. For our clients though, the true success came from unheralded horses winning at tracks across the country.

For the year, we provided 775 selections resulting in 556 winners (72%). The average parimutuel payout was $7.66. Our recommendation to clients is that they wager $100 per selection. This would have resulted in the following: A net profit of $ 135, 448.00.

From our entire organization, we wish to thank our staff, our nationwide horseman, and most importantly you, our clients. From the SLASH SPORTS team, we look forward to making 2018 legendary.

- Michael, Everett, Clayton, and Brady

Monthly Updates


What a great way to begin 2018…There were 21 playable racing days this month. Out of those 63 selections released, there were 52 winners, an incredible 82.5 %. In addition, we released an extra play on the PEGASUS WORLD CUP, a cold trifecta of GUN RUNNER/WEST COAST/GUNNEVERA. Those 52 winning selections had an average pari-mutuel payout of $7.56. We now begin the TRIPLE CROWN JOURNEY and look forward to continued success with our loyal clients and those new clients who join our organization.


February proved to be another successful month of winning selections. We had 20 playable racing days this month and released 10 perfect days of selections. Overall, our clients received 50 winners out of 60 overall selections….an incredible 83%. As the weather gets warmer, so do we and are excited about the upcoming Derby trail. Congratulations to all our clients and we look forward to the spring ahead with you all.

MARCH 2018

March continued to keep us white hot in 2018. We had 23 playable racing days with 69 selections. We released 57 winners, accounting for an incredible 83%. There were 11 days that we were a perfect 3 for 3 with our selections. The Gotham, the Tampa Bay Derby, the Rebel, the Louisiana Derby, the Sunland Derby, and the Florida Derby all highlighted our month. With April providing a selection of key prep races, we look forward to continuing our success.

APRIL 2018

We looked forward to a successful April and our expectations were exceeded. April had 21 playable racing days and we released 65 selections. True to those expectations, 54 of those selections were winners…83%. There were 10 days this month that we were perfect which included 2 days of 4 for 4 selections. The Arkansas Derby, the Bluegrass, the Wood and the Santa Anita Derby all provided our clients exciting and lucrative wagering opportunities. With the Derby less than a week away, we expect an exciting and profitable May. Remembering last year and our clients cashing WIN / EXACTA / TRIFECTA / SUPERFECTA tickets.

May 2018

May definitely met and exceeded our expectations. There were 22 playable racing days. In those days we released 67 selections and incredibly 56 of them were winners. The highlights of the month were correctly releasing the exacta and trifecta in both Triple Crown races.

The 83% winning rate was achieved at multiple tracks across the country—at racetracks big and small, known and unknown. Our teams would arrive in New York on Monday and be there for the entire week to crown a TRIPLE CROWN champion or find a mystery horse. This was an exciting time of the year and one that would become very rewarding for our clients.

JUNE 2018

June continued the success of our year and kicked off a TRIPLE CROWN winner to boot. We had 22 playable racing days this month and released 65 selections. Those 65 selections produced 53 winners….a 81% winning clip. The average winner payoff was $6.84, as the SLASH SPORTS clients continue to pound the windows. We look forward to continuing our success into the summer months and have already started looking at SARATOGA and DEL MAR.

JULY 2018

We ended our week and month with a perfect weekend. The summer tracks have been very rewarding to our clients. During the month, we released 63 selections and won an incredible 52 of them. Those 21 racing days produced an 83% win percentage. The opening of DEL MAR and SARATOGA along with the live weekend at SUFFOLK DOWNS highlighted our month and August looks to keep that success rolling.


We ended the month of AUGUST with a perfect final day. For the month, we released 70 selections and had 55 winners on 23 racing days. Our team spent consecutive weekends at DEL MAR, SUFFOLK DOWNS, SARATOGA, ARLINGTON, and again, at SARATOGA. However, we had some of our better days at the lesser known CHARLESTOWN, PENN NATIONAL, PRESQUE ISLE, and FINGER LAKES.

As we look forward to the fall racing schedule culminating with the BREEDERS CUP, we know that our client’s continued success will remain paramount to us. September will be a month to remember.

September 2018

We ended the month of September with a perfect final day. For the month, we released 66 selections and had 54 winners on 22 racing days. Incredibly, half of those racing days resulted in perfect 3-for-3 days.

Our team was present for the opening day at Churchill Downs and Santa Anita. That 82% winning factor was achieved with an average of $6.80 parimutuel payoff. Many win-and-you’re-in races were run for the upcoming Breeders Cup in November and we were present for each of them as we will be in September.


We ended the month of OCTOBER with a perfect final day. For the month, we released 63 selections and had 50 winners on 21 racing days. Our team has been preparing for the entire month to excel in this year’s BREEDERS CUP at CHURCHILL DOWNS. That 79% winning factor was achieved with an average of $7.20 pari-mutuel payoff. The month of October ended with many treats, and we look forward to a NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER.

November 2018

The end of another successful month, November started with the BREEDERS’ CUP and our clients were rewarded with a perfect 2 days’ worth of selections. In total, we released 66 selections. 50 of them came home first with a 76 % win percentage. December will contain 22 racing days and another 66 selections. We look forward to stuffing our client’s pockets for the end of the year. There is still plenty of racing for the month of December and we are already preparing for an epic year end.

**** 2018 ****

As we review the year that was 2018, there were many highlights starting with GUN RUNNER winning the PEGASUS WORLD CUP in JANUARY. The end of winter and early spring had us evaluating the next Derby winner and releasing winners in all prep races.

It was very early for us to notice and begin to get excited about a horse from California named JUSTIFY. We were on the bandwagon from his maiden win and released him in all the TRIPLE CROWN RACES.

Successes carried throughout the summer at our favorite racetracks, DEL MAR/SARATOGA and the limited running at my hometown track SUFFOLK DOWNS.

We culminated the year with our trip to the BREEDERS CUP in our backyard at CHURCHILL. Our clients were rewarded with back to back days of perfect releases.

So to our almost 2800 worldwide clients, numerous thoroughbred connections and invaluable, nationwide staff, we thank you for your support and efforts in 2018 and look forward to a very profitable 2019.















The beginning of another year with 1 month completed. We released 66 selections and had 4 scratches. Those 62 selections resulted in 37 winners.

Beginning this month, we also included exacta and trifecta options resulting in 17 exactas and 6 trifectas. The month was highlighted by the release of multiple winners on PEGASUS DAY from GULFSTREAM.

February will begin the DERBY PREP SEASON and we look forward to pinpointing another DERBY WINNER. It may be a short month but we will make it very profitable.


The month of February is completed with a total of 38 winners released in 20 playable days. There were 6 days with perfect selections and a 68% winning rate. We released days of full race cards resulting in multiple exotic winners especially on the first DERBY PREP day. The month of March will provide many DERBY PREP opportunities as we narrow down this year’s winner on the 1st Saturday of May. We look forward to the next 5 weeks.

MARCH 2019

March was a great month of for our clients as we connected on all of the DERBY PREP races, highlighted by the FLORIDA DERBY. The month had 23 racing days that produced 60 selections. There were 40 winners, however the month was truly profitable with the exotic selections we hit. We are excited with the prospects for April as we finalize those DERBY PREP races and pinpoint our KENTUCKY DERBY selection.

APRIL 2019

As great as the month of March was, April topped it. There were 20 racing days in the month resulting in 57 selections. Those 57 selections resulted in 44 winners, a 77% clip.

The month was highlighted by the success we had in the TRIPLE CROWN prep races, and the entire race cards we released at those tracks. The addition of the exotic releases resulted in large payouts; no more than the $62,000 pick 5 at KEENELAND. May marks the first 2 TRIPLE CROWN races and the options for 6 digit payouts.

MAY 2019

Just as we topped March with April, May turned out to be even more successful. There were 24 + 1 racing days [we added Memorial Day] in May and we released 72 selections. Our clients connected with 56 winners, a whopping 78%. Though we didn’t select the winners of both Triple Crown races, our entire card selections for those days were a huge success. This month marks the beginning of Belmont Stakes week and the start of summer racing. We will be live at many venues this summer and are looking forward to a very profitable experience.

JUNE 2019

June turned out to be our best month ever in the history of SLASH SPORTS as we connected on 83% of our selections. The month had 22 racing days with 64 selections and 53 winners. The month had many highlights with perfect days, mammoth payoffs on BELMONT DAY, and goodbyes to our hometown track – SUFFOLK DOWNS, which ended its ‘live racing’ summer programs. July is officially the start of SUMMER RACING as SARATOGA and DEL MAR open up in mid month. The 2 most scenic tracks in the country will highlight with major races over the next 6 weeks.

JULY 2019

Coming off of our best month ever, July turned out to be extremely lucrative for our clients. The month had 21 playable racing days, providing 63 selections. We connected on 49 winners for a 78% clip. July was also the true beginning of summer racing as SARATOGA, DEL MAR and MONMOUTH ran their stakes laden programs. August will also feature the full slate of stakes at those tracks, highlighted by the TRAVERS at SARATOGA.


This month was an epic success for our clients. August had 23 playable racing days, with 69 selections. We connected on 52 of those selections. The month was highlighted by great races at the summer venues. We visited DEL MAR, SARATOGA and MONMOUTH frequently and that presence resulted in some tremendous payoffs. During TRAVERS DAY at Saratoga, we released 5 races to our clients and the 5 winners connected, resulting in a $6200 payoff. The month of September will be the time we begin preparation for the BFREEDERS CUP.


September was another successful month as Fall racing begins in earnest. There were 21 playable racing days and we added an additional day for Labor Day. A total of 66 selections were released and 48 of them were winners or 73%. We look forward to a great October, as we pinpoint our selections for the BREEDERS CUP coming in November. October will also feature racing at KEENELAND, one of our favorite racetracks and one in our backyard.


The month of October ended as it began, with perfect days. For the month we released 66 selections with 2 scratches. Those 64 going to post created 47 winners, a 73 % clip. The month featured the fall meet at KEENELAND, in our backyard and a review of the upcoming BREEDERS CUP at Santa Anita in November. With the season coming to a close, we expect November’s BREEDERS CUP weekend to be a great way to kick off the month.


The month of November was highlighted by the BREEDERS CUP. Our clients were highlighted with 66 selections for the 22 racing days, which included Thanksgiving Day. Those 66 selections resulted in 50 winners at 76%. This month also included 7 perfect days as KEENELAND RACETRACK in our backyard provided great information. With the weather playing havoc with winter tracks during the next few months, we will continue to focus on the best opportunities for our clients.


The month of December ended another great year for our clients. We released 60 selections that produced 44 winners, or 73%. For the year we released 766 selections which connected on 553 winners, or 72%. The average pari-mutuel payout for 2019 was $5.06 as our clients showed their confidence in our information. INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS benefited as follows:


Our pinnacle and syndicate members enjoyed the above results and connected on numerous 5 and 6 figure exotic payouts throughout the year.


The New Year began with a profitable January. For the month, we released 69 selections producing 52 winners—a 75% ratio. January was highlighted by the annual PEGASUS WORLD CUP won by our selection of MUCHO GUSTO. The next few months will feature multiple DERBY preps as our season begins.


Leap year gave our clients another day of racing in February. The month had 22 racing days which included an extra day for the Monday holiday. With the DERBY stakes schedule starting, we included additional races for the month. There were 72 selections released with 47 winners. The month ended with 9 straight winners highlighted by the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH stakes at GULFSTREAM. March should start shaping our DERBY selection as the prep races heat up.

MARCH 2020

Well the month of March surely came in like a lion, as the World as we know it has come to a grinding halt. Sports across the country has ceased, with only thoroughbred racing remaining as the only active viable alternative. For the month there were 21 racing days, with 63 selections producing 46 winners, or 73%. The TRIPLE CROWN season has been delayed, but there are still many great ‘derby preps’ remaining to be run. We will continue to provide the best information for our clients in April as we try to get back to some normalcy in our lives.

APRIL 2020

The month of April was equally challenging as only 3 racetracks were running at full speed. Normally the month when we look forward to the KENTUCKY DERBY with a month full of prep races. Regardless of that, it was a great month. We released 67 selections on the 22 racing days. This resulted in 50 winners which was 75%. We look forward to the additional racetracks opening up in May and will continue to provide our unique prospective.

MAY 2020

The month of May is normally set aside for the first 2 legs of the TRIPLE CROWN, this year things are a little different. The month started with limited racetracks running but more joined the fray as the month went on. For the month we had 24 playable racing days as we added Memorial Day for our clients. We released 76 selections and connected with 52 winners or 68%. The month of June kicks off summer racing and the major prep races highlighted by the BELMONT STAKES.

JUNE 2020

The month of June traditionally features the final leg of the TRIPLE CROWN SERIES. The new normal had the BELMONT STAKES as the 1st leg. Our monthly selections were highlighted by that impressive win from TIZ THE LAW. For the month we released 68 selections and connected on 60% of those, or 41 winners. The month of July will feature the opening of SARATOGA, DEL MAR and MONMOUTH along with many other summer venues. The BLUE GRASS STAKES, HASKELL and TRAVERS are among the major stakes for the month.

JULY 2020

Summer racing has come, and the excitement for the thoroughbred industry has never been greater. The classic venues of SARATOGA, DEL MAR, and MONMOUTH provided great racing for the month, and our clients had a banner month. For the month, we provided 24 days of racing with 71 selections. There were 50 winners among those 70 selections or 70%. August will feature the final prep races for the September Kentucky Derby and the continuation of great summer racing.


The month of August provided a great backdrop to summer racing at the classic venues of SARATOGA, DEL MAR and MONMOUTH. For the month, we provided 22 days of racing with 67 selections. There were 43 winners among those 67 selections, or 64%. September will feature the long-awaited KENTUCKY DERBY and the end-of-summer racing with a possible TRIPLE CROWN expectation.


The month of September ended a great summer of racing at SARATOGA, DEL MAR and MONMOUTH. For the month we provided 21 days of racing with 69 selections highlighted by the running of the KENTUCKY DERBY. We released 49 winners among those 69 selections or 71%.

October will feature the final TRIPLE CROWN race as the PREAKNESS is run on the 1st weekend. October also has us previewing the BREEDERS CUP coming in November.

The month of OCTOBER featured the PREAKNESS and preparation for the BREEDERS CUP in NOVEMBER. For the month we provided 23 days of racing with 67 selections. We released 50 winners among those 67 selections, or 75%. Our clients received weekend full cards and many cashed multiple 5 figure exotics. NOVEMBER will feature the 2 day BREEDERS CUP from KEENELAND our home base.


The month of NOVEMBER featured the BREEDERS CUP and the end of autumn racing for most venues. For the month, we provided 21 days of racing with 65 selections. We released 43 winners among those 65 selections, or 66%.

Our clients received weekend full cards and many cashed multiple 5-figure exotics, including a $82,000 PICK 5. DECEMBER will feature prep races for the upcoming PEGASUS STAKES in JANUARY.


The month of JANUARY featured the PEGASUS WORLD CUP and the beginning of a new year, hopefully one with some sense of normalcy. For the month we provided 23 days of racing with 75 selections. We released 53 winners among those 75 selections, or 70%. Our clients received weekend full cards and many cashed multiple 5 figure exotics including a run of PICK 6 tickets at different tracks. KENTUCKY DERBY PREP races are on the horizon.


For the month we released 65 selections and connected with 48 winners, 74%. We continued to have success for our clients with PICK 6 payouts. The month of March will feature the beginning of the DERBY PREP season and we expect to continue a successful month.

MARCH 2021 

We completed another successful month as the DERBY prep races were on tap. For the month, we released 64 selections and connected with 47 winners, 73%. Our clients continued to get full cards on the East and West Coasts and continue to crush the exotics. The month of April will complete the DERBY prep season as we focus on the 1st Saturday in May. 

APRIL 2021

This was another month of successful DERBY prep races as we prepared for the 1st Saturday of May. We released 68 selections and connected with 47 winners—that’s 69%. Our clients continued to get full cards on the East and West Coasts and crush the exotics. The month of May will feature the DERBY and PREAKNESS. Get ready for the summer racing season!

MAY 2021

This month was one of our most successful ever as we connected on 75% of our selections. We released 81 selections for the month including an extra day on Memorial Day. There were 61 winning selections and multiple exotic payoffs. The month featured the 1st two legs of the TRIPLE CROWN. June will feature the BELMONT STAKES and the opening of the summer track season.

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