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Phone: 866-317-5417

Be Ready to Win Big

Since 2006, our staff has developed a nationwide network that helped us provide solid thoroughbred information to our exclusive clients. Each of us manages a team of horsemen, clockers, and track insiders that allow us to have unparalleled insight and unsurpassed success in the industry.

Things to Consider for Successful Horse Race Wagering

Our concept is simple: We transform each race at every track into our own daily program, allowing us to cull out the best 8 to 10 races nationwide that meet our criteria. From these races, we then determine the three highest rated selections each day to release to our clients. Our criteria consist of five areas:

  • Pace
  • Speed
  • Trip
  • Conditioning
  • Weather

We understand the importance of pace. Thus, we delve further into other key factors including the pace within the pace. This also allows us to evaluate the by-product of pace, which is speed. Afterward, we transform distance and time into velocity in order to determine how fast and how far a horse is actually running. Furthermore, we will share with you the secrets of speed ratings and track variants.

Our track insiders are observing all races and constantly reviewing replays to determine if a horse’s performance was hindered or enhanced by a troubled trip. The strength of our network also allows us to find out the rigors of a horse’s training regimen, a trainer’s intentions, and a stable’s overall health.

Finally, our selections are only approved when all factors have been evaluated, analyzed, and updated. We never allow weather or track conditions to play a factor in the race outcome.

Our clients’ winnings are paramount and continually drive us to be the best. We are extremely proud and applauded for the winners we have produced in the Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup races. However, the true value of our organization comes from the winners we have generated with horses that nobody hears about at racetracks that nobody cares about.

Moreover, our infrastructure is in place and solid. Our contacts are knowledgeable and determined. We also have a business model that is proven and has stood the test of time.

Your Dependable Handicappers

In addition to the plays we provide, we’re more than happy to give sound advice and objective insight about a race or horse, although it’s not one of our recommended selection. Once we get to know your wagering patterns, we’ll pass along any information that could assist in your exotic wagering portfolio.

Should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email. We also invite you to join our organization.

Subscription Rates

  • Annual - $500 (700+ Selections)
  • Monthly - $50 (60+ Selections)
  • Weekend - $10 (9 Selections)
  • Inner Circle - Inquire Regarding Our Other Subscription Plans

*Please note that we operate from Wednesday to Sunday.