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Phone: 866-317-5417

The History of Our Company

Over 40 years ago, our founder and his three childhood friends grew up around the Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston, Massachusetts. Each of them had relatives in the horse racing industry, from owners to trainers and agents to jockeys.

The four of them went to college in Boston. During their free time, they would often go to the racetrack. They cut their teeth watching and listening to the veteran horse players discuss speed, pace, class, and condition.

Over the years, they all developed their own handicapping philosophies. They’ve used their acquired knowledge and skills in creating a unique program that they now utilize in our services.

Their college tuitions were paid by the success they’ve created at the racetrack. When their careers took them to different states, they vowed to maintain a link to the racetrack. They also periodically scheduled trips to experience the nuances and uniqueness of every track in the US. On their many trips to Las Vegas, the brainchild for SLASH SPORTS was formed.

One specific trip in 2006 resulted in them being offered a 10-year contract to work exclusively for a group of casinos, handicapping thoroughbred races at every track throughout the country.

Through their teamwork, they spent the next 10 years successfully building and managing a nationwide network that specialized in finding the perfect horse selections at the right tracks.

They didn’t care about finding value. They were more focused on finding winners. Providing winning selections are how they judged their success. From 2007 to 2016, their win rate was 68.3%, with a pari-mutuel average of $7.20. If their winning selections double their non-winning ones, then they’ll know their clients were making money.

In 2017, the exclusivity of their contract ended. To keep their passion alive, they’ve decided to establish Slash Sports and offer concierge handicapping services that will help people gain further knowledge in horse racing. They look forward to sharing the success they’ve enjoyed over the years with their clients.

Meet the Team

Michael Morello - President and CEO

Michael is the founder of Slash Sports. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a successful tournament handicapper, he has a great eye for spotting a peak performance and evaluating a horse’s abilities for a specific race.

Michael’s family background as trainers gave him knowledge about the various strategies and intentions that can determine upcoming performances. He currently runs the Northeast Region in the Boston Corporate Office.

Clayton Kimble - Vice President (Southern Region)

To say that Clayton is a visionary would do him an injustice. His development of a handicapping software 30 years ago is still being used in our practice today. The creation of his Pace-Speed-Velocity (PSV) software has been instrumental in the success of the organization.

Clayton is also a graduate of MIT. He currently runs the Southern Region from his base in Florida.

Brady Keegan - Vice President (Midwest Region)

Brady is a Harvard graduate. His expertise in sports management has been a key to the contacts we have gathered. His family members were successful agents throughout the country, and his numerous relationships with owners, jockeys, and track executives have been invaluable. Brady runs the Midwest Region from his base in Kentucky.

Everett Buckley - Vice President (West Coast Region)

For more than 20 years, Everett and his family have been successful owners and breeders of race horses. He is highly respected and his value to our organization from that perspective has been remarkable. 

Everett has a Ph.D. He is responsible for bridging the relationships we have developed with the media, the horsemen, and the public. His acumen for statistics also allows him to extrapolate the data we produce and uncover our successful selections.

Everett runs the West Coast Region from his base in California.

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